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Winter Service Special!

30% off tune-up services for January and February

Tune up now, beat the rush, and save!

Service Tailored to You

Just drop, tell us whats going on, and we'll take it from there!

You will be provided with a free estimate while you wait.*

*Please plan to wait 5-10 minutes per bike so we can provide a general estimate for each repair.

A 50% deposit is required for each bike left for service.

Call 781-438-0358 or email with any questions.

We will notify you when everything is ready! :)

Because of limited storage space we ask that you pick up your bike(s) within a few days of completion.

Free safety check on every repair!

A safe bike makes for a happy ride! 

We will inspect your bike no charge and bring safety issues to your attention. 

This will even include some minor adjustments, and an estimate for more extensive work needed if any.

If we can't restore your bike to a safe, working condition we won't work on it.

Flat Repair

Just drop in!

As soon as we have a free pair of hands we can get you back on the road.

Feel free to bring in the bike in or just the wheel, whichever is convenient for you.


Just a part of your bike not quite right? 

Tell us!

If the rest or your bike is safe and working we can perform minor adjustments to specific parts of the bicycle.


Standard Adult Basic Tune-up: $159.99*

A tuned up bike makes for a happy ride. :)

Appointments are available!

Kids bikes and single speed bikes are less. 

*Parts and installation are extra.

Professional Assembly*

Do you have a new bike in a box?

No Problem!

We assemble most types of bikes and give them the tuning they need to be ride ready and last for miles.

*There are a few types of bikes we don't work on, we recommend calling to confirm that we can assemble your bike before bringing it in.

Any questions? Ask Nate!

781-438-0358 or